News > QVC is Relying on M-Three Satcom - Giglio Group for the Broadcasting of the New Channel in HD
The QVC television channel is relying on M-Three Satcom (100% owned by Giglio Group) for the broadcasting of the new channel in High Definition through Eutelsat HOTBIRD satellites on 13° East.

The agreement with QVC, the multimedia shopping platform whichreaches 360 million users worldwide through cable television, via satellite, digital terrestrial and online platform, will deal with the management of the signal for the next three years.

In addition, it confirms the M-Three expansiontrend for thebroadcasting division & Telco of the Giglio Group. This also follows the transition plans of the major TV channels from Standard to High Definition.

Alessandro Giglio
, President of the Giglio Group and of M-Three Satcom, comments: "Thanks to the recent confirmation of the new structure for the HOTBIRD distribution, which sees M-Three among the official operators selected by Eutelsat for this service, andtothe growing demand for quality in TV broadcasting, which can be obtained througha smooth transition to HD, the HOTBIRDand the relationship with Eutelsat again confirms it being a fundamental asset for the group.”

Michele Magnifichi
, AD of M-Three Satcom, said that “ our teleport has already been broadcasting since 2010 the QVC channel in standard format and will continue to manage the same signal in parallel with the new High Definition channel”.

The technological development of the Giglio Group Satcom Division focuses primarily on services to high target customers, as highlighted by the recent activation of 4 new channels in High Definition and support to Eutelsat. In addition, Eurovision and primary international actors in 4Ktransmissions for special events such as the European Football Championships and some series TV for RAI.