News > Agreement with Persidera until 2020
Giglio Group (Aim Italia-Ticker GGTV), first and only e-commerce 4.0 company, has informed to have concluded an important agreement with Persidera S.p.A. The most important independent network operator which has five national digital multiplexes for the distribution of the signal to the DDT network.

The service contract, valid until 2020, falls under the distribution agreements between Persidera, M-Three Satcom and Eutelsat SA and provides for the use of the satellite E12WB and the teleports of Persidera and M -Three Satcom, these allow a complete management of the distribution and geographical redundancy.

Giglio Group, through M-Three Satcom, therefore expands its capacity for the distribution of the DTT multiplexes of Persidera, whose goal is to expand the supply of transmission capacity on the market for all national and international television editors who wish to play a leadership role in the content market.

Alessandro Giglio
, President of Giglio Group and M-Three Satcom, comments: “The progressive increase in contracts is further reinforcing the company's development for the next three years. This last agreement, in fact, as well as being of a significant value, diversifies the services offered by the M-Three Satcom division creating additional new markets."

M-Three SatCom, division of Giglio Group, represents a point of reference for the broadcasting sector and includes among its clients the main television and radio, private and public networks such as RAI, Mediaset, RTL102.5, Radio24, Viacom, Radio Deejay, Discovery, HSE24 and many other international broadcasters.

Persidera S.p.A., company of the group TIM (70% controlled by TIM SpA and 30% by Group Editoriale L’Espresso SpA), it presents itself on the market as the most important independent network, and has five national digital multiplexes, with and infrastructure of great capillarity and capable to deliver high quality standard services.

Persidera is the preferred supplier of the leading independent television publishers operating in Italy.